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How-to: Disabling Hyper-threading on a Dell PE R730

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Q:I need to disable hyper-threading due to licensing issues but, I can't find the setting in the BIOS that would allow me to disable it. Does anyone know where I can find the setting on a Dell PowerEdge R730?

A: The BIOS option is called “Logical Processors”. See the manual's%20Manual_en-us.pdf

And you can run `lscpu` to check the current BIOS configure


启用或禁用逻辑处理器和显示逻辑处理器的数量。如果 Logical Processor
( 逻辑处理器) 选项设置为 Enabled( 已启用), BIOS 将显示所有逻辑处
理器。如果此选项设置为 Disabled( 已禁用), 则 BIOS 对每个核心仅显示
一个逻辑处理器。默认情况下, Logical Processor( 逻辑处理器) 选项设置
为 Enabled( 已启用) 。 :

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